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Meet our Partners
Meet our Partners

Adaptive Rescue Concepts Holdings, LLC (ARC) vision is to strive to deliver superior products and services by adapting multiple product concepts into our products and to enable our customers to serve life safety and firefighter safety needs. They are committed to their customers to deliver products that are on time and on schedule, and will maintain superior quality and value that is second to none. Their core team members have over 225 years of combined research and design, development experience, structural firefighting, firefighter safety equipment, emergency medical care, industrial safety training experience, testing and analysis, and business development experience.

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BradsTechCorner was established in 2016 with one mission: to bring a reliable, high quality Computer and Cell Phone Repair Service to the Plainfield area. Brads passion for excellence is what inspired him to open up our shop, and continues to work to this day. All of his repairs are completed with meticulous detail, resulting in a product that is as good as new. Brad has provided us with : server 2012 admin user maintenance, Wix website development, backup configurations, battery backup configurations, user setup with controlled rights, Printer configuration, and new technology setup

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It is a pleasure working with DDD for developing the initial product styling, their first functional and cosmetically appealing lab model.  It is very comforting knowing we were an integral team with DDD.  DDD's unique product has the potential to prevent accidents and save lives.  It is a product that will prevent drivers from texting while driving.  The DDD Dock prevents the driver from turning on the vehicle unless the drivers smartphone is in the glove box, out of sight.  


J. J. Keller is a great company to work with and for.  We were an instrumental group creating the new sleek looking design for their next generation product.  We worked closely with J. J. Keller from the start of the project through production.  J. J. Keller's has technology with various patents and is leading the future.  

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We are fortunate to be working with PSI.  We have engaged with various state agencies throughout the country.  We partnered with PSI to provide product management services for multi state approval certification for ATM Drive-Up Kiosk Structures.  It was necessary for us to convert their 2D design into a 3D assembly and a thorough 3D assembly drawing.  Our role is very important as it allows PSI to focus on growth with new clients, whilst ensuring PSI receives various state approval. PSI provides a brilliantly designed drive-up ATM kiosk.  The kiosk is very durable, easy to operate and is built to last many years.  

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Rand McNally delivers innovative products and services that drive efficiency, safety, and connectivity. From robust hardware, navigation, and logistics to an unparalleled vehicle platform, Rand McNally makes journeys better by improving the movement of people and goods. 

Rand McNally has a global presence, operating across all continents. Serving a broad range of industries, Rand McNally supplies customers in transportation and logistic, commercial fleets, field services, retail/wholesale, as well as heavy equipment, construction, energy, and transit.

Besides its innovative fleet platform, logistics, analytics and data capabilities, Rand McNally continues to aid travelers with its beloved line of Publishing products, including the iconic Road Atlas.

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Since 1993, Sentinel Offender Services has provided offender management solutions to community corrections agencies across the U.S.. Sentinel offers one of the most comprehensive sets of products and services in the industry. All of our solutions are built on the foundation of SentinelDNA, the intelligent offender management platform with advanced analytics.

Sentinel pioneered the community-based offender-funded program model. Program fees are paid by offenders, saving taxpayers millions of dollars.  How does this work? At the time of enrollment, Sentinel staff conducts a detailed financial assessment. The results of that assessment establish a suitable daily program fee. Each participant pays according to the supervising agency’s approved fee schedule and the participant’s ability to pay. This payment structure is available for all the services we offer.

Community-based offender-funded programs operate with oversight from local corrections and law enforcement staff. They strictly follow all applicable laws, rules, and guidelines. Most importantly, the community-based offender-funded programs save money

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Vestigon is a technology consulting company that brings the world’s most talented people together in the fields of Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

From concept to delivery, we work with our clients to make their vision a reality. The market segments we have deep experience in are Telematics, Medical, Home Health, Wearables, Industrial Automation, Heavy Equipment, Environmental Devices, Green Energy, Water Conservation and Consumer Electronics. We look forward to working with our clients to see their great ideas come to life.

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