We are proud to offer you the Infinite Position Hinge Kit


Long alas, the Infinite Position Hinge Kit for the Raise 3D N2/N2 Plus printers is ready for production.


It Works Awesome!


Say good bye to the ugly prop rods!

Say good bye to the cover accidentally falling off of printer!


Kit Contents List


2 - 3D Printed L Brackets for Top Cover, Polycarbonate

2 - Tunable Torque Hinges

4 - Custom Stainless Steel Metal Plates

1 - Allen wrench for tuning the torque and tightening the hinge to the cover and frame

4 - Gasket Strips with PSA, Heat and Chemical Tolerant

1 - Alcohol Wipe

Fasteners are included


Kit Key Points


  1. Partial open cover is great for venting temperature sensitive materials, such as PLA
  2. Diie cast aluminum hinges provide infinite cover open positions
  3. Hinge opening range is approximately 0° to 180°
  4. 90° open cover allows you to access the build print area with ease
  5. Custom L-brackets increase cover strength
  6. Metal plates with integrated fasteners improves the assembly process and adds strength to the cover and the printer frame
  7. A gasket helps when closing the cover onto the top of the frame


Hinge Strength Setting

The torque can be adjusted to your liking. Once the torque is set to hold the cover open, all you need to do is lift and rotate the cover to your desired position.  


Awesome Feature


The cover maintains an open position without a prop rod. We've also included an allen wrench for tuning the torque. 


PLA Venting

When printing PLA, you no longer need to remove and place the cover on the floor or add spacers under the cover. Merely, open the cover to your desired position for venting. 


Custom Metal Plate with Integrated Fasteners

The custom metal plates make it easier to assemble as well as strengthens the cover and the frame.  If you want to ship or transport the printer with the same packaging from Raise 3D, the custom metal plates allow you to remove, with ease, the hinge and L brackets from the frame and the cover.



A gasket has been included to help form a loose seal between the cover and the top of the deck. When you close the cover, you can lightly compress the cover onto the gasket. 


PLEASE NOTE: Cover is not included


Infinite Position Hinge Kit for Raise 3D N2/N2+ Printer Cover

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